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The AH-64 Utilizes SI-ZG-5A:
A High Performance Oxirane Resin From Shadé, Inc.

Shadé Consulting
a Division of Shadé Incorporated

Dr. A. John Ayorinde, the founder and owner of Shadé, has worked in the aerospace and defense industries for more than 20 years. During this time, he has developed a reputation for solving materials and process related engineering problems. Because of his diverse background, his expertise has extended beyond his formal training in chemical engineering to other engineering disciplines, as well.

  • All composite F-18 480 gallon fuel tank
  • Aluminum lined 230 gallon fuel tank
  • Space shuttle pressure vessel (23 live support system)
  • MD-90 waste tank
  • Global Star launch tube
  • Space shuttle robot arm (ground based)
  • Polaris motor case
  • Minuteman motor case
  • Peacekeeper (solved the 10-year-old delamination problem)
  • Small intercontinental ballistic missile
  • Submarine drive shaft
  • TOW launch tube redesign
  • Multiple launch rocket system
  • ADAT
  • Fog M
  • Viper
  • Compressed natural gas vehicular tankage
  • MK-50 torpedo shroud
  • MK-50 body
  • MK-50 fleet exercise structure
  • Aircraft braking system
  • Flywheel
  • V-22 driveshaft system
  • Textile and paper composite roller

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