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Precision Composites

Innovative design and rapid prototyping of composite products are abilities which help to characterize Precision Composites. With 27,000 square feet at its plant in the central United States, Precision Composites is able to manufacture products using three filament winding machines of various capabilities. The largest is a 4 axis McClean Anderson model with a 9 foot diameter and 40 foot length capacity. Our McClean Anderson "Little Hornet" model is perfect for smaller prototype work allowing a maximum 30 inch diameter with a 7 foot length. The CMC multi-spindle winder can produce a part with up to a 36 inch diameter and 8 foot length. Smaller diameter parts are possible when the five spindles are used simultaniously.

When resin systems designed by A.T.A.R.D. Laboratories are used in the filament winding process, a vast number of specialized products can be developed.

The photographs below will help to illustrate some of the capabilities of Precision Composites. An enlarged view of these photographs can be seen by clicking on each individual selection.