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TechChem offers both innovative methods of recycling valuable components and contract assembly of product components. Typical of the services TechChem provides is the recycling of electrical connectors and the assembly of products used in the automotive, computer, and household industries.

Contract Assembly

The contract assembly industry is growing as manufacturers are increasingly looking for more cost-effective approaches to in-house assembly. With this in mind TECHCHEM offers unique assembly capabilities to its customers.

Recycle/Reclaim Process

TECHCHEM provides ingenious methods of recycling your valuable components, to improve your bottom line. Electrical connectors are manufactured with stringent requirements for leakage under pressure and vacuum. Because of these requirements, these connectors suffer a high rate of rejection, yet the components used are of very high cost. TECHCHEM has the capability to design and build disassembly fixtures so that these components can be recycled into usable connectors.

Tailored Process

TECHCHEM has the expertise and facilities to tailor a recycling process to meet your difficult reject recycling needs. Our techniques and processes benefit our customers and the environment.

Additional Capabilities
  • Water Jet Cleaning
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Packaging
  • Refurbishing

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